Two new podcasts from Athena Media/Podcasting Ireland

Two new podcasts from Athena Media and Podcasting Ireland.

A new Season of The Family of Things with a chart topping episode with broadcaster/singer Ruth Smith and followed up by Berlin based musician and singer Robert John Hope.

The new season is available in all audio platforms and is being distributed to YouTube with closed captions.

It’s an independent podcast, without funding, so if you like The Family of Things do support us on Patreon.

The second new Podcast Is a brand new one with Panti Bliss, called The Panti Personals, and it’s a child of Pantisocracy, our award winning series that ran 2016-2020.

The Panti Personals is a more intimate one-to-one between Panti and a guest and first up for the launch on May 1 is music and mindfulness man ‘Bressie’ Niall Breslin.

You can subscribe to The Panti Personals via the Pantisocracy RSS feed in all podcast places including YouTube. The new podcast is being made with the kind support of Camden Recording Studios in Dublin and HappyScribe, the auto transcription tool, but we’re keenly seeking new sponsorship connections for The Panti Personals – if you’re interested contact us.