Podcast Training

Podcasting is about communications. It’s about good storytelling. It’s what we do best.

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We love podcasts that engage and tell a good story. As listeners we develop a relationship with podcast hosts and come to trust them.

But what makes a great podcast format and how do you become a good podcast presenter and host? We’ve been making podcasts for nearly two decades. We were early innovators in digital audio and shaped the first sponsored podcast channels in Ireland. We have an award-winning pedigree in content creation, storytelling and podcast training. We started our first podcast training sessions way back in 2009 and invent new online and remote learning formats in 2020 during the pandemic. We have trained and supported hundreds of people, individuals and organisations, both big and small.

Our podcasting clients include the Irish Times and UCD and we’ve worked with charities, state agencies and private businesses to help them find and tell their story online.

If you are keen to develop your storytelling strategy and include podcasting in the mix then talk to us.

Whether you want to enjoy or make podcasts, the more you know about podcasting production the more you’ll get out of it.

Thinking of starting an audio podcast? Contact us for bespoke consultancy, training and production support :

book an introductionary one to one session with our director Helen Shaw :email info @ athenamedia dot ie

Athena Media is an award winning digital audio agency and is the force behind Podcasting Ireland. Here at Podcasting Ireland, we can provide a full range of podcast training. Whether you’re a complete beginner or already have a podcast but want to make it better, we have something for you.

Our beginner courses are aimed at those fresh to podcasting and designed for people who want to learn the basics of online content, audio and video podcasting, and become familiar with the terms, technology and potential power of podcasts.

Our intermediate and advanced courses are ideal for people who have some skills but want to learn more about editing, packaging, online support and profile and to extend their audio podcasting skills to video. Broken down into both creative and technical elements, these courses will give you practical skills and tools which can be put to use immediately.

We run workshops regularly and can organise bespoke workshops for corporate teams or groups seeking to improve their communication skills. Our own award-winning output spans a wide spectrum of audio-led content, and we’re passionate about sharing our experience and technical expertise. At the Celtic Media Festival – Pantisocracy was awarded a prestigious TORC award for Excellence in the ‘Best Radio Magazine Show’ category

> First Steps in Audio Podcasting Workshop :

1 What’s a podcast and why should you make one?

2 What are the elements that make a successful podcast?

3 Where should I begin? We have five steps to start podcasting. ‘Start Where You Are’, ‘ Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone’ “Start Small & Grow’ ‘ What’s Your Story and who is Your Audience? ‘ ‘Collaborate’

4 How can I make podcasts remotely?

5 Key tools, techniques and resources to get you up and going from microphone equipment, podcast platforms and basic editing resources.

6 Next stages : mapping your podcast strategy and creating a pilot to kick start your podcast idea.

> What our clients say:

‘A really enjoyable and extremely informative workshop, which spanned a proper cultural analysis into the medium to a practical guide to the equipment. A lot to learn in 1 day but the instructors gave us the confidence to continue learning and practicing.’
Ciara Heffernan, Commuications Officer (Podcasting 101 Workshop, March 2020)
‘Helen and John brought a wealth of experience and were willing to share all they have learnt in a relaxed and helpful way. I feel so prepared to produce good quality podcasts having completed the training.’
Peter Boyd – Arthritis Ireland, Services Support Officer (Podcasting 101 Workshop, March 2020)
‘Excellent, extremely informative. Would love to do it again even though all aspects of podcasting were covered. Very dynamic day.’
Catherine Murray (Podcasting 101 Workshop, September 2019)
‘The one-day workshop was a great introduction to podcasting, giving a flavour of the different styles possible and providing practical advice on how to get started in a safe small-group environment. I learnt a lot in a few hours, thank you!’
Stephanie Moe, Bord Bia (Podcasting 101 Workshop, September 2019)
‘I was really glad I did the workshop as I learned so much about every aspect of the podcasting process. All my queries were handled and the teachers’ passion and breath of knowledge was incredible.’
Jonny Harvey – I’m Coming Out- The Podcast (Podcasting 101 Workshop, September 2019)
‘I have already recommended the workshop to friends who are interested in podcasting. It was a very enjoyable experience with great insights given into the art of podcasting and interviewing. Helen and John are wonderful workshop hosts and extremely knowledgable in their field. Overall it’s a great insight into podcasting and has re-energised me and made me more determined than ever to create my own podcast.’
Eamon McLoughlin (Podcasting 101 Workshop, September 2019)
‘This course is an absolute must for anyone wanting to create a podcast. Helen and John provided not only excellent up-to-date knowledge of the landscape and how you could shape your idea but all all the technical skills you would need to start a podcast from scratch and get it out there. It was jam-packed with advice on areas such as interviewing and recording to promotion and finding your authentic voice. I left really confident leaving the course that I had enough knowledge to get going. There was so much more packed into the day than I had imagined, making it really excellent value too.’
Suzi Button, CEO, Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation www.foundation.lornabyrne.com (Podcasting 101 Workshop, May 2019)
‘I was impressed by how much useful information I was able to absorb in just one day! I highly recommend this course, it is a great way to get you started on your podcast journey!’
Maggie, Marketing Manager (Podcasting 101 Workshop, May 2019)
‘Just letting you know – your podcasting 101 workshop in March was inspiring – anyone who is thinking “you know what, I should do a podcast?!” should go!’
Caroline Swords (Podcasting 101 Workshop, March 2019)
‘Very inspiring. A whistlestop tour of everything you need to know to start podcasting along with lots of resources and tools for self-directed learning. An excellent insider overview of the industry, platform, formats and revenue models.’
Joy Redmond, joyredmond.com (Podcasting 101 Workshop, March 2019)
‘Concise but comprehensive introduction to podcasting. Left feeling inspired and ready to take the next steps!’
Marie O’Sullivan (Podcasting 101 Workshop, March 2019)
‘A great workshop that de-mystified the technical aspects of podcasting and provided insights into wider aspects such as interviewing, storytelling and getting your podcasts out into the world.’
Fionnuala Broughan, Communications Manager, Léargas (Podcasting 101 Workshop, February 2019)
‘A very useful, all-round introduction to podcasting and all it entails, and an inspiring and enjoyable day!’
Dr Anthea Lacchia, TCD (Podcasting 101 Workshop, February 2019)
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The studio setting in Windmill Lane was perfect. The course brought together a very friendly, creative group of people, with different levels of skill and experience. Teaching was well paced and easy to follow for someone like myself with very rudimentary technical skills. I learned exactly what I needed to begin producing my own podcasts and I was introduced to a range of equipment to get me started.’
Dr. Tony Bates, Psychologist (Podcasting 101 Workshop)