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Mother’s Blood, Sister Songs

Mother’s Blood, Sister Songs. How the genetics of Iceland reveals its female Irish roots in story and song.

Acclaimed Irish composer Linda Buckley has a personal and professional affinity to Iceland and in this award winning series she teams up with documentary maker Helen Shaw to trace the connections between the two places. The Icelandic female line goes directly back to gaelic women, mostly taken as slaves, by Norwegian Vikings who settled the land over a thousand years ago. Buckley asks what is the legacy of biology and what are the physical, cultural and aural traces of this relationship?


MBSS: Mother’s Blood, Sister Songs : Linda Buckley from Ireland to Iceland from Athena Media on Vimeo.


Pantisocracy.  Panti Bliss hosts a cabaret of conversations with, and about, contemporary Ireland on RTÉ Radio 1.

In this series the Queen of Ireland Panti Bliss invites a diverse gathering of intriguing, high profile and articulate guests into her parlour to chat about their life’s journey and share stories. From singers to scientists, athletes to actors, writers to rebels – all are citizens of the Pantisocracy where Panti herself holds court in a wry and incisive programme combining talk, song and performance. A cabaret for the times we live in. Pantisocracy is a society of equals.

The Family of Things

The Family of Things. Host Helen Shaw talks to people about their life journey, what forms them, informs them and drives them forward.

The Family of Things is an audio transmedia project from award winning production company Athena Media about ideas, life and how we live it. In the audio podcast series, available to stream on Soundcloud or to podcast across all major platorms such as Anchor, Spotify, Stitcher, RSS Feed etc.

This is Where We Live

This is Where We Live is an audio podcast and transmedia series exploring what it takes to shape great places to live and how Dublin is facing up to its future.

A story of housing and homeless, of living and waiting, and of challenges and solutions.

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Joyce’s Dublin

Joyce’s Dublin: An Exploration of ‘The Dead’
This audio podcast series showcases James Joyce’s short story ‘The Dead’ from his collection ‘Dubliners’ and explores themes within the story drawing on scholarly research and connecting it with the archive collections in UCD, the National Library and the National Archives. The project is designed to draw users into further reading and research with both the original text and archival documents.

Listen back via iTunes, RSS Feed, Soundcloud or Audioboom.

Cross Currents

A three part documentary radio series presented by Barry McGovern exploring contemporary Irish composers and their music. What shaped the sound of the century? An Athena Media production for RTÉ Lyric fm made with the funding support of the BAI and the TV licence fee in partnership with the Contemporary Music Centre. Production support by Jonathan Grimes of CMC, the producer is Helen Shaw and the audio editor is Pearse Ó Caoimh.

Wilde Stories

Wilde Stories is an artistic transmedia project around Oscar Wilde’s collection of fairytales ‘The Happy Prince and Other Tales’. The project brings together Irish artists including composer Michael Gallen and visual artist Felicity Clear, to re-imagine the stories in a broadcast collaboration with RTÉ lyric fm. The series is narrated by actor Robert Sheehan, with readings from Lauren Coe and Brian Gleeso

Wilde Stories – Full Video Suite inspired by Oscar Wilde’s Children’s Stories

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