The Media Show Episode 4: BAI releases report on RTÉ’s ‘Mission to Prey’

Episode 4 of the Media Show was broadcast on May 5th at 7.30 pm on RTÉ Radio 1. Listen to it here

In Episode 4 of The Media Show, Brenda Powers speaks with Managing director of RTÉ Glen Killane as he responds to Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte’s comments on the broadcaster’s suspected end of year deficit of €50 million. Chief Executive of TV3, David McRedmond discusses the station’s rising aspirations against a backdrop of financial restrictions and producer of The Media Show, Helen Shaw comments on the BAI report published May 4th following RTÉ’s libellous defamation of Father Kevin Reynold in its programme ‘Mission to Prey’, for which it has been fined €200,000.

‘The Media Show’ radio series is an Athena Media production for RTÉ Radio 1 presented by Brenda Power and produced by Helen Shaw with the mission to demystify how the media works, to get behind media stories in broadcasting, print and online and to show how our daily media diet is shaped.

The Media Show is an Athena Media production for RTÉ Radio. The producer is Helen Shaw and the reporter is Paula Cunniffe.

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