Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops – We provide online, interactive workshop sessions in addition to our in-person dates.

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Make Better Podcasts – Intermediate Podcasting Workshop

Want to learn how to improve your podcast and take it to the next level? Improve your audio quality, production approach, episode structure and interview technique to publish audio you can be proud of, expand your listenership to tell stories that have an impact.

Our podcasts include The Family of Things hosted by Helen Shaw who will lead this workshop and our regular radio/podcast shows including PantisocracyThis is Where We Live,Mother’s Blood, Sister SongsWilde Stories and Vocal Chords . Helen’s podcast The Family of Things won in the New York Radio Awards

First Steps in Audio Podcasting – Virtual Workshop

1 What’s a podcast and why should you make one?

What are the elements that make a successful podcast?

3 Where should I begin? First five steps to start podcasting.

Key tools, tips and resources to get going from equipment, podcast platforms and editing and start podcasting

5 Next stages – mapping your podcast strategy

Podcasting is something we’ve been considering for a while but had put on the backburner as we simply didn’t know where to start!  The beginners workshop was just what we needed. 

They took us through the whole process of recording, editing & publishing in simple, clear and concise steps.  Every one of our group left feeling excited to get started and confident that we have the knowledge to bring our ideas to fruition.

Karen Mc Cague, Executive Librarian, Monaghan County Libraries  

In this virtual workshop we help you find your story, create your digital storytelling strategy, identify your audience and begin to shape ways of connecting and communicating with your community, clients and audiences online.