March and April Workshop dates

First Steps in Audio Podcasting – Virtual Workshop via – March 12th and April 9th dates.

Thinking of starting an audio podcast?

Curious about how it all works and how you can make it work?

Try our half day virtual session ‘First Steps in Audio Podcasting’ via – aimed at beginners – and designed to give you an express workshop on podcasting today, including how to podcast remotely using video conferencing tools or how to record using your smart phone with an app. We offer small discounts for those unemployed or unable to work, including students – just message us and we’ll come back to you.

This three hour virtual workshop, presented by experienced and skilled podcasters Helen Shaw and John Howard, of Podcasting Ireland and Athena Media, is aimed at taking the mystery out of podcasting, and offers participants an entry level conversation about podcasting today. Topics covered include : audio storytelling, how to shape a podcast strategy, how to start recording using your smart phone, or a mobile hand held recorder or using remote podcasting platforms, how to host and release your podcast and make the most of your content to share audio stories with impact.

The workshop will be conducted via video conferencing app ZOOM which is simple and easy to use once you have broadband or wifi and a laptop, which has audio and video enabled, at your base.

The workshop is aimed at both personal and professional podcasters, and a ‘How to Podcast Manual’ is provided at the end of the workshop.

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What’s covered? 10am-1pm ( Zoom session will open 9.50 am to check audio and video) We ask people if possible to open their video cameras for the session so we can be as responsive as possible in a virtual setting.

1 What’s a podcast and why should you make one? Why is podcasting growing?

2 What are the elements that make a successful podcast? Let’s explore some success stories we can learn from and how they are made.

3 Where should I begin? First five steps to start podcasting. ‘Start Where You Are’, ‘ Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone’ “Start Small & Grow’ ‘ What’s Your Story and who is Your Audience? ‘ ‘Collaborate’

4 How can I make podcasts remotely? (we’ll explore using itself and using your smart phone as well as hand held audio recorders like the Zoom Hn4 and 5. We’ll also introduce to methods and techniques to get better sound and record locally). We talk sound and how to achieve sound quality remotely. ‘Every person and every place has a sound’.

5 Key tools, techniques and resources to get you up and going from microphone equipment, podcast platforms and basic editing resources. We aim to get you started immediately. We introduce you to all stages; including a brief over-view of audio editing, and provide detailed resources, including a ‘how to’ manual, to guide you after the workshop.) These workshops are small and interactive.

6 Next stages : mapping your podcast strategy and creating a pilot to kick start your podcast idea. We offer you templates, guidance, and show you examples of what others have done who have worked with us and who are successfully podcasting and telling their story.

Several of our recent participants have already launched their own podcasts. We’ll show you how they did it and how you can adapt.

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Do you want to bring your communications online and successfully tell your story through digital and social media? Virtual workshop via Zoom – April 1st

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A key element of this small workshop will be to look at ways we can enhance your current storytelling and ensure it has more impact. We talk strategy but ultimately we are seeking to help you see your information, your communications as story-led engagements. We give you tips on making better visual content, introduce you to tools and applications which will make your life easier, and your work flow smoother.

In the current remote working environment we’ve adapted to find tools and ways of working which can succeed, and we’re showing you what’s winning with audiences, consumers and the general public in the current climate.

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Key outcomes are to understand the arc of storytelling, narrative techniques, and how to use digital tools and social media to unpack and reveal your story.

We will talk about transmedia, seeing your story beyond medium, and using the toolkit to fit it whether text, pictures, audio, video or a combination of them. We’ll look at how these connect with platforms, with your website and how you can maximise your potential online.

Story is about understanding how you connect more effectively with your audience, how you make trails, teasers or promos which draw your audience in, and how you ensure your content, in whatever form you tell it, delivers for you.

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find out more : Athena Media is a transmedia storytelling – we tell stories and help others tell their story online.

Helen Shaw leads the workshop and is one of Ireland’s most experienced media professionals. She started work as a print journalist with the Irish Times, before moving to RTE Radio as a current affairs producer, she broke ground when she was appointed as Editor Radio Sequences in BBC NI and made history a few years later when she became Head of RTE Radio, the first woman appointed to the board of management of RTE. She oversaw the digital transformation of RTE, Ireland’s public broadcaster, and launched RTE lyric fm. She took up a fellowship at Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center in 2002-03 and when she returned to Ireland established Athena Media as a digital media content and consultancy company.

Athena Media is a multi award winning content creator – it recently received its 8th Gold award from the New York Festival Radio Awards for its radio and podcast series and its show Pantisocracy with Panti Bliss was awarded best radio magazine at the Celtic Media Festival in 2018. The company has created radio and TV for RTE, BBC, Newstalk, Setanta Sports and its client list includes OPW, ITMA, Vhi Healthcare, mobile operator 02, UCD, Dublin City Council and Women Mean Business.

Podcasting 101 Workshop – September 30th 2018


Have a Dream Podcast you want to make?


Then join us at Windmill Lane Recording Studios on Sunday September 30th for an empowering day of training, covering everything from storytelling strategy, recording+editing, to distributing your content and getting your story heard.

Athena Media is an award winning digital audio agency and it’s the force behind Podcasting Ireland. We’ve been making podcasts since 2006 and have run sponsored audio podcast channels in both music and speech.

Our own award-winning output spans a wide spectrum of audio-led content, and we’re passionate about sharing our experience and technical expertise.
At the Celtic Media Festival 2018 – our Pantisocracy Christmas Special was awarded a prestigious TORC award for Excellence in the ‘Best Radio Magazine Show’ category

Our podcasts include The Family of Things hosted by Helen Shaw who will lead this workshop and our regular radio/podcast shows including PantisocracyWilde Stories and Vocal Chords – with over 200 uploads on our Soundcloud channel.

This one day workshop is designed for podcast beginners and will take participants from idea to online, showing people how to get their own audio show together and online.

The workshop will cover how to record using a mobile recorder like a Zoom H4 and participants will be encouraged to bring a mobile recorder to the workshop. It will introduce people to basic editing and show people how to release their audio online.

> What previous attendees say:
‘Great course. Helen and John really knew what they were talking about . Very accessible to people who havnet done podcasting before.’
Alan Fox (Podcasting 101 Workshop, June 2018)

‘I felt that the fusion of Helen’s knowledge of podcasting acquired from being a pioneer of the medium , her ability to convey some of the more nebulous aspects with clarity and enthusiasm married with John’s technological nous was a winning combo, looking forward to close reading the notes this weekend and getting my first podcast into the ether.’
Anne O Neill (Podcasting 101 Workshop)

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The studio setting in Windmill Lane was perfect. The course brought together a very friendly, creative group of people, with different levels of skill and experience. Teaching was well paced and easy to follow for someone like myself with very rudimentary technical skills. I learned exactly what I needed to begin producing my own podcasts and I was introduced to a range of equipment to get me started.’
Dr. Tony Bates, Psychologist (Podcasting 101 Workshop)

The workshop venue is in Pulse College at Windmill Lane Recording Studios.

For more in-depth information about our training services head to our Training Page.