How to Podcast Workshops – March 1st & 29th 2020

Want to learn how to dream up and make your own audio podcast? Then join us on Sunday March 1st or Sunday March 29th for one of our podcasting skills workshops

Athena Media is an award winning digital audio agency and it’s the force behind Podcasting Ireland. We’ve been making podcasts since 2006 and have run sponsored audio podcast channels in both music and speech.


Our current podcasting one day introduction workshops have been running since Autumn 2017.

Want to learn how to dream up and make your own audio podcast?

Then join us for a podcasting skills workshop designed to get you telling audio stories online. Full day workshop with limited numbers – just 10 in this session.

Our podcasts include The Family of Things hosted by Helen Shaw who will lead this workshop and our regular radio/podcast shows including Pantisocracy, Wilde Stories and Vocal Chords . Helen’s podcast The Family of Things won Finalist in the New York Radio Festival and Awards 2019.

This one day workshop is designed for podcast beginners and will take participants from idea to online, showing people how to get their own audio show together and online.

The workshop will cover how to record using a mobile recorder like a Zoom H4n and participants will be encouraged to bring a mobile recorder, if they have one, to the workshop.

It will introduce people to basic editing using Audacity and show people how to release their audio online.

*note: Workshop cost is €160, with a booking fee charged by Eventbrite

The Athena Media team delivering this workshop is Helen Shaw & John Howard

How to Podcast : Podcasting 101 covers :

— What’s a podcast? And why do we love them?

— What are the most popular formats and genres?

— What do you need to get started? We show you hand held recorders like Zoom H4 and introduce you to sound recording, microphones and equipment options to best suit your needs, skills and budget.

— How do you find and tell audio stories?

— How do you shape an interview? A question path?

— We introduce you to Audacity and the basics of thinking about editing.

— How do you release and host your podcast? We introduce you to hosting & distribution platforms.

— Why you still need visual content, like photos, for audio stories and how to think about your website working with your podcast.

— You become a publisher when you release a podcast so what are the legal and consent issues you need to be aware of?

— Content management, monitoring and measuring the success of your podcast.

— Marketing and social media

— Wrap and recap. We share our ideas and discoveries with you.