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Here at Podcasting Ireland, we can provide a full range of podcast training.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have experience in podcasting already, we have something for you.

Our beginner courses are aimed at those fresh to podcasting and designed for people who want to learn the basics of online content, audio and video podcasting, and become familiar with the terms, technology and potential power of podcasts.

Our intermediate and advanced courses are ideal for people who have some skills but want to learn more about editing, packaging, online support and profile and to extend their audio podcasting skills to video. Broken down into both creative and technical elements, these courses will give you practical skills and tools which can be put to use immediately.

> What is podcasting?

Podcasting is a way to subscribe to audio files on the internet and have them delivered to your mobile device/computer/tablet, in much the same way as you would subscribe to your favourite magazine. The content can then be listened to whenever and wherever you like. In recent years it’s had a huge impact on how we consume audio, giving more autonomy to listeners and a lower barrier of entry to audio producers looking to get their stories heard.

> What is the difference between downloading and podcasting?

Downloading is the transfer of any file to your computer. All you need to do is save the audio file to your PC and listen to it at your leisure. However Podcasting, generally using an RSS feed, allows a subscriber to automatically receive the latest edition of their chosen programmes directly to their device and. You can then choose to download/listen as a stream from your computer or transfer to your player and listen when you want, in the gym, commuting or out walking – whatever!

> What is RSS?

Essentially RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is the technology which alerts your computer when a new podcast is available and downloads it automatically. It works on the principle that your favourite podcasts, news stories or features are be delivered directly to you.

> What do I need to do to get a podcast?

You can listen to most podcasts simply by clicking a link on the relevant website. Programs to do this are widely available free of charge. iTunes remains arguably the most popular software, with lots of new platforms coming into the fray in recent years including Spotify, and Anchor, with plenty of options within your devices app store, be it Android or iOS.

Once you have the software downloaded the fun starts! It is now that you have to decide what you want to listen to. Fret not, because can help you. We offer podcasts on many different topics. All you have to do is go to our podcasts page to listen to some of our recent output, browse through the programmes available and decide what programmes you would like to listen to. To get these programmes and their updates you just have to click the subscribe button. It couldn’t be easier! Whether it be