The Media Show Episode 2: Inside Storyful plus full interview with the acting head of News and Current Affairs at RTE, Cillian De Paor

Episode 2 of the Media Show was broadcast on April 21st at 7.30 pm on RTÉ Radio 1. Listen to Episode 2 here

In an interview with The Media Show,RTE Radio 1 , Cillian De Paor, the acting head of News and Current Affairs at RTE, said economic issues had forced the closure of the London office. He added this was not the only foreign office that was closed; the Beijing office, opened for a period surrounding the Olympic Games, has since been closed. Mr De Paor said the Director General of RTE has committed to “break even” in 2013 and said the journalism side of the London office cost approximately half a million euro a year. “We are a news operation, we will make choices on a news basis. We are not ceasing to cover the United Kingdom, we are just closing down a major facility that has a significant cost. We will be present in London when news value requires us to be there.”

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Listen to the entire interview with Cillian De Paor here

The Media Show is an Athena Media production for RTÉ Radio. The producer is Helen Shaw and the reporter is Paula Cunniffe.

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