Second feature of An Opera for Carlow radio series broadcast on RTÉ Lyric FM

An Opera for Carlow creative team

The second feature for Athena Media’s latest radio documentary series An Opera for Carlow, was broadcast on last Wednesday’s RTE Lyric FM’s In Tempo programme.

This one year project will follow the story of a community based music project in Carlow led by conductor Fergus Sheil where the professional music team will work with the people of Carlow to create, perform and stage a new opera at Carlow’s new arts centre Visual.

In our second feature, we profiled Community youth choir, Aspiro, who will be one of the community groups taking part in the opera. And we found out what the choir members and its director, Mary Amond O’Brien, think about this unique project.

Athena Media will be creating regular radio features for In Tempo over the next 10 months as well as a full one hour radio documentary at the conclusion of the project.

The next feature will be broadcast on Paul Herriott’s In Tempo programme on RTÉ Lyric FM in Septemember 2010. We talk to Irish opera singer Regina Hanley about this exciting project and her involvement in the production. It will also be available as a podcast online.

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