How to Podcast – November 10th

Interested in learning how to make your own podcast? Join us on our November 10th Podcasting 101 for beginners workshop in Windmill Lane Studios:

podcasting november 10th


This one day workshop is designed for podcast beginners and will take participants from idea to online, showing people how to get their own audio show together and online.

We run workshops regularly and can organise bespoke workshops for corporate teams or groups seeking to improve their communication skills. Our own award-winning output spans a wide spectrum of audio-led content, and we’re passionate about sharing our experience and technical expertise. At the Celtic Media Festival 2018 – our Pantisocracy Christmas Special was awarded a prestigious TORC award for Excellence in the ‘Best Radio Magazine Show’ category

> Podcasting 101 covers:

1. What’s a podcast? And why do we love them?
2. What are the most popular formats and genres?
3. What do you need to get started? We show you hand held recorders like Zoom H4 and introduce you to sound recording, microphones and setting up a mini studio.
4. How do you find and tell audio stories?
5. How do you shape an interview?
6. We introduce you to Audacity and the basics of thinking about editing.
7. How do you release and host your podcast? We introduce you to platforms like Anchor which distribute your podcast to 10 platforms including Spotify and iTunes.
8. Why you still need visual content for audio stories and how to think about your website working with your podcast.
9. You become a publisher when you release a podcast so what are the legal and consent issues you need to be aware of?
10. Content management, monitoring and measuring the success of your podcast.
11. Marketing and social media
12. Wrap and recap.
Our one day How to Podcast introduction workshop is limited to 10 people and takes place in Windmill Lane Recording Studios. For further information on our podcasting services, training or when the next course takes place contact us at +353 1 4372395

> What our clients say:

‘I have already recommended the workshop to friends who are interested in podcasting. It was a very enjoyable experience with great insights given into the art of podcasting and interviewing. Helen and John are wonderful workshop hosts and extremely knowledgable in their field. Overall it’s a great insight into podcasting and has re-energised me and made me more determined than ever to create my own podcast.’
Jonny Harvey – Podcast on Spotify (Podcasting 101 Workshop, September 2019)
‘I have already recommended the workshop to friends who are interested in podcasting. It was a very enjoyable experience with great insights given into the art of podcasting and interviewing. Helen and John are wonderful workshop hosts and extremely knowledgable in their field. Overall it’s a great insight into podcasting and has re-energised me and made me more determined than ever to create my own podcast.’
Eamon McLoughlin (Podcasting 101 Workshop, September 2019)
‘This course is an absolute must for anyone wanting to create a podcast. Helen and John provided not only excellent up-to-date knowledge of the landscape and how you could shape your idea but all all the technical skills you would need to start a podcast from scratch and get it out there. It was jam-packed with advice on areas such as interviewing and recording to promotion and finding your authentic voice. I left really confident leaving the course that I had enough knowledge to get going. There was so much more packed into the day than I had imagined, making it really excellent value too.’
Suzi Button, CEO, Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation (Podcasting 101 Workshop, May 2019)
‘I was impressed by how much useful information I was able to absorb in just one day! I highly recommend this course, it is a great way to get you started on your podcast journey!’
Maggie, Marketing Manager (Podcasting 101 Workshop, May 2019)
‘Just letting you know – your podcasting 101 workshop in March was inspiring – anyone who is thinking “you know what, I should do a podcast?!” should go!’
Caroline Swords (Podcasting 101 Workshop, March 2019)
‘Very inspiring. A whistlestop tour of everything you need to know to start podcasting along with lots of resources and tools for self-directed learning. An excellent insider overview of the industry, platform, formats and revenue models.’
Joy Redmond, (Podcasting 101 Workshop, March 2019)
‘Concise but comprehensive introduction to podcasting. Left feeling inspired and ready to take the next steps!’
Marie O’Sullivan (Podcasting 101 Workshop, March 2019)
‘A great workshop that de-mystified the technical aspects of podcasting and provided insights into wider aspects such as interviewing, storytelling and getting your podcasts out into the world.’
Fionnuala Broughan, Communications Manager, Léargas (Podcasting 101 Workshop, February 2019)
‘A very useful, all-round introduction to podcasting and all it entails, and an inspiring and enjoyable day!’
Dr Anthea Lacchia, TCD (Podcasting 101 Workshop, February 2019)
‘The Podcasting workshop helped to demystify the approach, the idea and the technical know how needed to make your own Podcast. Felt on leaving the event I was well equipped to start my own personal your of podcasting. The manuals and information. provided are extensive also.’
Jacinta Murray, (Podcasting 101 Workshop, February 2019)
‘I loved the workshop! Helen and John made podcasting very accessible. The workshop was very practical, the day flew by, and I left with very clear next steps and the confidence I needed in order to get started!’
Esther Curiel (Podcasting 101 Workshop, November 2018)
‘A well-prepared and informative workshop that gave me the confidence I needed to get started with my podcast plus a wealth of useful complimentary online resources was supplied. I highly recommend!’
Liz Gleeson (Podcasting 101 Workshop, November 2018) podcast: Shapes of Grief
‘A great all-round course. Balance was exactly right in that I got enough information to start experimenting but not so much that I felt overwhelmed or intimidated.’
Carissa Casey, Print Journalist (Podcasting 101 Workshop, November 2018)
‘I found this day really helpful in getting me thinking in a more focused way about what it is I want to achieve with a podcast. I also found it opened my eyes to so many different styles of podcasts, avenues in which you can take projects and the variety of options available. I learnt a lot in terms of set up, equipment and the software involved and I would definitely recommend this workshop for anyone just starting out.’
Naomi Sturdy-Elements Yoga (Podcasting 101 Workshop, November 2018) podcast: Heart of the Matter
‘This workshop was very engaging, it opened my eyes to the depth of the podcast world and network. John was very friendly, approachable and it was really interesting to hear his stories from working in the industry. I definitely left feeling like I had the tools and understanding to go forward and actually make my idea for a podcast into a reality.’
Michelle Shannon (Podcasting 101 Workshop, Maynooth Library, October 2018)
‘This workshop provided an interesting and engaging introduction to podcasting. I now feel ready to make my own work. Thank you John.’
Maebh O Regan (Podcasting 101 Workshop, Maynooth Library,October 2018)
‘I found the workshop very enjoyable and came away inspired and full of ideas for my own podcasts.’ Hayley Reynolds, Library Assistant & copywriter (Podcasting 101 Workshop, Maynooth Library, October 2018)
‘For someone who was totally new to podcasting, this course was an ideal introduction for me. I felt very comfortable in a learning environment that encouraged the sharing of ideas from participants from a diverse range of backgrounds, supported by experienced facilitators. I now feel confident enough to give podcasting a go!’
Paul Hamill, Learning Specialist, Irish League of Credit Unions. (Podcasting 101 Workshop, September 2018)
‘Could not have been better as a entry point to podcasting with enough to get you up and running very quickly. Informative, engaging and fun’
Ronan Kavanagh (Podcasting 101 Workshop, September 2018)

‘The workshop delivered by Athena Media offers novice podcasters a great opportunity to explore how they can devise and produce strong audio content in a very accessible manner.’
Orla Sheils, Communications Manager, Inland Fisheries Ireland (Podcasting 101 Workshop, September 2018)
‘This workshop provided a fantastic, informative, supportive and really enjoyable space in which to learn more about podcasting. It opened up exciting possibilities for all of us’
Roisin Boyd (Podcasting 101 Workshop, June 2018)
‘Great course. Helen and John really knew what they were talking about . Very accessible to people who haven’t done podcasting before.’
Alan Fox (Podcasting 101 Workshop, June 2018)
‘The podcast workshop was full of excellent content introducing us to a huge range of podcasts to listen to and learn from. The technical demonstration was very helpful as a starting point as was the advice to begin with pilot projects and then critique and improve. The advice was very practical and empowering. It was an excellent experience.’
Mary McFadden – Music Teacher (Podcasting 101 Workshop, June 2018)
“Kerrie recommended the super ‘How to #Podcast – Telling Audio Stories Online’ workshop with Athena Media and it was excellent. I’m totally fired up to get making now, I’ve no excuse!

I’ve no excuse.

Aw crap. I miss having excuses.”
Doireann Markham (Podcasting 101 Workshop, June 2018)

‘I felt that the fusion of Helen’s knowledge of podcasting acquired from being a pioneer of the medium , her ability to convey some of the more nebulous aspects with clarity and enthusiasm married with John’s technological nous was a winning combo, looking forward to close reading the notes this weekend and getting my first podcast into the ether.’
Anne O Neill (Podcasting 101 Workshop)

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The studio setting in Windmill Lane was perfect. The course brought together a very friendly, creative group of people, with different levels of skill and experience. Teaching was well paced and easy to follow for someone like myself with very rudimentary technical skills. I learned exactly what I needed to begin producing my own podcasts and I was introduced to a range of equipment to get me started.’
Dr. Tony Bates, Psychologist (Podcasting 101 Workshop)

‘I would highly recommend the ‘Podcasting 101 Workshop’ to anyone with an interest in creating and producing high quality podcasts. The training and resources received were excellent, and having the opportunity to share information and ideas with participants from a wide variety of professional backgrounds really enriched the experience. Thanks to Helen, John and Pearse for running a very professional and inspiring workshop!’
Stephanie Ford, IRC Postgraduate Scholar, Dept. of Music, Maynooth University (Podcasting 101 Workshop November 2017)