The Family of Things – Episode 3

The Family of Things is a new audio transmedia project from Athena Media. It’s a podcast series about ideas, life and how we live it. In the third episode of the series presenter Helen Shaw speaks with Trinity based physicist Dr. Shane Bergin. Shane says people often think science is ugly but necessary. Dr. Shane Bergin, while he thinks it is beautiful and essential. Shane talks of his passion to communicate science to the world and to inspire the next generation of scientists through his teaching work at TCD.

Shane is behind the award winning project ‘Dart of Physics’ and in this interview he describes nano-science and its future. As a scientist, researcher and teacher Shane is often in the public ear and eye through his work but he shares his love of music, his delight in cooking and baking (every weekend!) and talks about the people he admires including Irish President Michael D. Higgins and Nobel poet Seamas Heaney.
While Shane unpacks the world of science and education he also brought his favourite instrument along – the ukulele!

The first two episodes of The Family of Things featured poet Nessa O’Mahony and author Denise Deegan.

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