Get Off The Couch!

Here are some video podcasts from Athena Media’s recent production “Get Off The Couch!” which aired from 24th October to the 28th of November on Setanta Ireland, made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. “Get Off The Couch!” was presented by Teena Gates who led a team of 6 participants, Karen, Joe, Cathy, Damien, Maryanne and Eamonn through a range of challenges to get fit and active, which included climbing Carrantuohill, completing their first Triathlon, and abseiling down Dalkey Quarry amongst others.

Catherina McKiernan, an Olympian and Irish sporting hero, was one of the team’s mentors and showed them invaluable running advice with her chi-running technique

Chi Running with Catherina McKiernan from Athena Media on Vimeo.

Ciaran”Kipper” Maguire took the team on an unforgettable rafting trip down the river Liffey. as part of Get off the Couch! from Athena Media on Vimeo.

The team cycled the Great Western Greenway a 42km trip from Westport to Achill, taking in some of the countries most beautiful landscapes.

Greenway Cycle Co Mayo as part of Get off the Couch! from Athena Media on Vimeo.

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